Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Day in Amish Country

Chad and I spent the day in Lancaster county shopping at the outlets. Our first stop was this Waffle House where the person who greeted us at the door introduced himself as Frank and asked if he might have one of our first names for the waiting list. He was very friendly to everyone who came in, it was kind of bizarre. Haha. Anyway, we went shopping crazy and got quite a bit of good loot and nice deals. It was quite an enjoyable day, although it was ridiculously hot outside.


  1. Ooooh, what did you buy? Did you go to any Amish places? I love Amish quilts and furniture.

  2. We didn't go to Amish shops this time. We spent pretty much the entire day at the outlets, although we took a detour to a local fruit farm to get some apples and pears. We got most clothes, shirts and ties and pants and such.