Sunday, December 9, 2007

No Christmas Tree This Year

Chad and I decided that it's way too much work to have a real christmas tree. We have to go pick it out, get it home, saw off the bottom, get it in the stand, put the lights on, put ornaments on, keep it watered every day, take ornaments and lights off, and get it out to the curb to be picked up. Yes some parts of this are somewhat fun, but you know, we're just too tired this year for some reason. So we decided to use our little fake trees and our screen of candles instead. Chad got it all set up yesterday and we have it in our normal tree location. I think it's quite nice actually. We might do some fake snow underneath or something.

(Note: This is my photo from Saturday, December 8, 2007.)


  1. Are you going to decorate the trees with all the ornaments I gave you???? Usually you decorate them and they look so festive.

  2. We aren't having a tree this year either-- too much of a hassle and the cats will just ruin it.

    I like the set up you having going on there looks quite lovely.

  3. It looks really cute!! You can come over to our house and look at our tree if you want to. It is way too much work.