Sunday, December 16, 2007

Watch Stopped

This is the watch that my parents gave me a few years ago. I've been wearing it every day and I just noticed about a week ago that the battery had stopped. That's a bummer because I don't really have time to get it replaced right now. But so far, I've found that it isn't bothering me that much. I'm surrounded by enough clocks that I don't have a problem finding out the time.

(Note: This is my photo from Tuesday, December 11, 2007.)

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  1. If you worked for a big company, you could have someone do those kinds of lame errands for you. Vanderbilt has a valet service. They will pick up your prescriptions, get your dry cleaning, get you a new watch battery, or whatever else you like within reason. We've never used it, but it seems like a great idea to me.