Monday, July 2, 2007

The Lime Kiln Lighthouse

This is the Lime Kiln Lighthouse at Whale Watch Park on San Juan Island. We walked around there today but didn't see any whales. Apparently the current was flowing against them, so it was going to take a while for it to get there (some people are really obsessed and track all the whales' movements). We had a pretty full day of visiting the Lavender Farm, the Alpaca Farm, the English Camp, and this. We had some lunch from a little shop in town and walked around a bit. We're supposed to make salmon for dinner but none of us really feels up to it. I guess we'll see. Maybe we'll just have ice cream instead. Check my flickr page for more photos. It will take me a while to upload all of the good ones because the connection is pretty slow here out on the dock.


  1. Wow, this place looks gorgeous. I love lighthouses. In my experience, whales are overrated...usually you only see the tiniest bit of them.

    Your Flickr photos are awesome. I'd love to visit a lavender farm!
    Where is it that you're staying?

  2. Hey~ I'm one of Erin's friends and I just came across your blog. What a beautiful picture!!!

  3. I miss you guys and I am jealous of your vacation! I'm happy that you can still post while you are there, though.

    Hi Caitlin!

  4. Hey everyone, thanks for the comments! We are staying in a condo in Friday Harbor, which is on San Juan Island. Today we are going to visit Orcas Island and go to the top of Mt. Constitution. Adina - you and Steph would absolutely LOVE it here! I'm currently posting more photos to my flickr so keep checking back for more. We can also show you tons of photos if we see you next week.