Sunday, July 15, 2007

A Weekend of Ice Cream

So we had a weekend of ice cream this weekend. Last night was ice cream at Erin and Matt's and tonight we enjoyed some ice cream with Deb and Bud. I spent about 4 hours or so outside trying to make the yard look nice (lawn mowing, sucking up leaves, pulling weeds, etc.) and then after grocery shopping and dinner we went over to their house to have ice cream from The Creamery at Penn State. They were there at the end of last week for the arts festival and brought back the ice cream with dry ice all the way (about 5 hours in the car). They must really love it! It was good ice cream. The Coffee Break was tasty and the vanilla went really well in our Virgil's root beer float.

1 comment:

  1. Andrew,

    We should make some homemade ice cream with Deb and Bud when we get home!!!

    OOOXXX Mom