Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Bud's Accident

Some of you have already heard, but our neighbor, Bud, recently had a cycling accident during a race. He was pretty beat up and needs surgery for his shoulder. Deb is working hard to take care of him, but I know it is difficult for both of them since he has to be so careful. So Chad and I made dinner to take over to them tonight so they wouldn't have to worry about what to eat. We made Chinese Chicken Salad from Ina Garten. Very tasty stuff. Hopefully Bud has a speedy recovery! Here is a photo of their dining room with their awesome new chandelier. Their house is beautiful.


  1. Oh my gosh--I'm sorry to hear about Bud! You guys are so nice.

  2. I hope he feels better soon! That chandelier rocks-- any idea where they snagged that?

  3. I'm not sure but I'll find out for you. It's awesome!! They make them in larger sizes as well.