Sunday, June 17, 2007

Finally, Our Ikea Desk!

Chad and I had a lovely day of shopping and seeing my family. We went to King of Prussia Mall where I went to the Apple Store for a workshop on Garage Band. Very cool. I'm inspired to make some cool tracks. Then we went to Ikea and bought the desk we've been craving! Here is a photo of it all set up in our library with a wonderful chair as well. It's so exciting. We didn't think it would fit in my car, but miraculously, it fit with very little effort. Plus, I was worried that they didn't carry the desk anymore because it doesn't show up on the website, so I was so relieved that they had it. Today was a great day. We had cake and ice cream with my family to celebrate Nannie's birthday and Father's Day. Fun fun.


  1. Very cool table and chair. Glad you had fun. Sorry the cake was weird...I'll keep trying. XXOO Mom

  2. I've always liked that desk since I saw it. You guys put things together so quickly! I remember the days when Chad was helping us put our furniture from IKEA together. Ah, the memories.