Friday, June 29, 2007

Getting Ready for the Great Northwest

As many of you know, Chad and I will be going on our first real vacation together starting tomorrow. We leave in the morning for Seattle and Friday Harbor (on San Juan Island off the coast of Washington). We'll be away from tomorrow through July 10th so I have no idea if I will have internet access. I'll keep taking photos every day (of course!) but may not post them until later in the week. Here is our suitcase. I think it's packed pretty well. We're trying to travel light, but ... you know, it's kind of hard to know what we'll need. Haha. Look for some fun photos from me when I next get a chance to post!

1 comment:

  1. Have a great time in Seattle! Take lots of pictures for your blog and Flickr; I want a full account of your vacation.

    I think we're going to come to visit you on the 11th. I'll call you next week and we can work it out.

    Happy and safe travelling to you both!