Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Beautifying the House

Since it's been a while since we did a thorough house cleaning, and it's been a while since someone has seen the house for the first time, we've been working feverishly this week to prepare for Andy's visit this coming weekend (as I think I've already mentioned). So in addition to just tidying up and organizing things, we went a bit farther and got some small projects done that we've been planning for a while. One of them was putting up the lights on our bed, which I already showed you. Another was hanging a shelf over our bed that we've had for ages. The last big one was hanging this awesome Japanese fan near the top of our stairs. The fan is a pain to hang because you have to match two different hooks on the back simultaneously but the fan gets in the way. Anyway, we finally got it up last night or the night before and I think it looks great. When you see it from the side, you can also see the reflection in the mirror at the top of the stairs.


  1. I like that fan. Do you still have that painting that Steph found in the trash years and years ago?

  2. Yes we do! It is on the new shelf we just put up over our bed!!!! I'll take a photo for you.