Saturday, August 25, 2007

Many Birthdays

It's the time of birthdays in the Joslyn family. Last Sunday was my mom's birthday and Matt's birthday and next Saturday is my Dad's birthday. So Erin and Matt graciously offered to host a dinner birthday celebration tonight. We had quite a feast and then we had lemon-raspberry jello cake for dessert. I gave my parents some framed pictures I took during our trip to Friday Harbor. I hope they enjoy them!


  1. We love the pictures very much and I am going to hang them tomorrow. I also love the little booklet you put together. Thank you so much. OOOXXX Mom

  2. Erin's house looks so cute. I really like the color of her dining room. We are having such a difficult time agreeing on paint colors. Hopefully you and Chad can give us some advice when you come down next week.

    I like how your Dad makes an appearance in this photo!

  3. Cute photo! We loved having everyone over--we'll have to do it again really soon. I look so tan (I'm really not)!

    Adina--it took us forever to decide on the yellows in our house! The kitchen came like that and even though red is cool, I'd like to choose a different, non-glossy red to replace what's there. Painting is such a hassle that I can't even think about painting anything else any time soon.

  4. I am going to start painting the kitchen green sometime this week. Don't tell dad...he'll have a fit. Better to start it when he isn't around and then can't say NO!