Monday, November 12, 2007

Stargazer Lily!!

We were fortunate enough to get to go to a Stargazer Lily concert on Thursday night. They are my favorite band ever and I used to see them all the time. Some say I've been to over 100 SL concerts, but I lost count a long time ago. Well, they split up a while ago and it's been quite sad. They have had a few reunion shows but it's just not the same. They said at this show that they might be semi-getting back together which would be fabulous. We saw them at the Tin Angel, which is a tiny venue. My flash is quite bright, but we were too far from the stage. Oh well. It was a great show.

(Note: This is my photo for Thursday, November 8th, 2007.)


  1. You're obsessed! I used to like them too, and I don't know if my taste in music has changed or what, but the other day I listened to them and I wasn't feeling it so much. But I hope they get back together because it will bring you so much joy, you little groupie you.