Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Big Day

So today the big day finally came for my sister and Matt. The wedding was beautiful and pretty much everything went exactly as planned, so that was very fortunate. Oh yeah, did I mention that there were torrential downpours all day long and roads were closed all over the place? But almost everyone was able to get there on time so it wasn't a big deal. It was kind of peaceful actually. Here is a cute photo of Matt feeding Erin the wedding cake. The cake was very pretty. It had little cherry blossoms all over it. I'll post a couple other photos to my flickr site within the next couple days.


  1. What kind of cake (flavor) did they have?

  2. Hi Adina,

    The cake was lemon pound cake with raspberry filling with butter cream icing and rolled fondant. It was lovely and simple and exactly what Erin wanted.


  3. It was soooo good! I had it as a cake-tini or whatever. Ice cream, raspberry coulee, and the cake in a martini glass. Very yummy!

  4. Sounds delicious. It looks like the wedding was absolutely beautiful.