Monday, April 16, 2007

Wasn't the Wedding Yesterday?

I received a somewhat frantic call from my father today asking if I would come to their house immediately and put my outfit from yesterday back on so we could take some pictures. My mom was worried that there weren't enough photos of the family, especially photos of her with Erin, so she wanted to take some more. I went over and we took a bunch of photos and then ate leftovers. This is a picture of Erin and my mom reviewing the pictures to make sure they are okay. It was interesting. I was on a time crunch because I had to do homework for tonight (not to mention that I had a sore throat and just wanted to sleep all day) and Erin and Matt had to catch a plane to California!! Oh what fun.


  1. Having cherry blossoms as flower arrangements is an awesome idea. They are so beautiful. Your Mom and your sister look gorgeous, even the day after!

  2. Aw, this is great! I have a bunch of photos from the wedding that I will well as burn to a CD to send to you, your mom and your sister (btw, the last batch...for some reason they all transfered small...these ones will be bigger). Your flicker photos are beautiful!

  3. That was ADAIR btw.