Saturday, April 7, 2007

Friday Replacement Post

Okay, so this morning when I woke up I realized that the post I put up late last night was not actually a photo I took myself (just in case you all hadn't noticed that I was IN the photo) and so I thought I would put up one that I actually did take yesterday. This is a picture of the amazing bed in my hotel room. I stayed in a suite at the Moore Hotel and when I went in and saw this bed, I got very excited. This was not your typical hotel and was decorated so tastefully. I love it and hopefully Chad and I will stay here when we come back in July. I found the staff to be very friendly and helpful, actually I've found pretty much everyone in Seattle to be friendly and helpful. Anyway, if you like more of a European hotel, then certainly check this one out (it is also very reasonable priced and located just a few blocks from Pike Place Market).


  1. Is it as nice as the Sofitel?

  2. I think the decorations are almost as nice as the Sofitel, but it is a bit on the cheaper side and it is much older, so it has a slightly run-down feel to it. It is very European.

  3. That looks like a very nice much was it a night? Very lovely bed coverings. It doesn't look like a hotel, but more like someone's actual bedroom. Nice.