Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Crazy Drivers

With all the driving I do, I see a lot of crazy driving on the road. Today was somewhat of a painful day because first of all, this morning, there was a brief note made during the traffice report that there was a fire somewhere along my route. They said there were detours around it and didn't mention a huge backup, so I decided to take my chances. It turned out that it wasn't in my way and didn't cause much trouble for me. There was all this black smoke coming up from it but I couldn't see the fire (I think they had extinguished it by then). I couldn't get a good shot of the smoke, but as I was passing the fire (right after getting on the bridge) I saw this person a few cars ahead of me turning into oncoming traffic. Apparently, they didn't feel like driving to New Jersey today. You can see this person here ... the one that looks like they are about to be plowed over by a truck. Now if you ask me, it probably isn't the best idea to try to turn right in front of a truck. Especially considering there is another lane of traffic on the other side of the truck that he wouldn't be able to see. Anyway, that was the first thing. Then on my way from work to class, the Vine Street expressway had mega backups at my exit. It took me about 20 or 25 minutes to get to my exit. It would normally take about 3 or 4. People kept pulling out from behind me and driving up ahead and then getting back in way up ahead of me. I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE DO THIS! I think it is one of the rudest and most inconsiderate things you can do when driving. Anyway, not a great driving day but oh well.


  1. Drivers in California were not rude or crazy. It was wonderful.

  2. Drivers in Nashville are very polite. When we visited Baltimore last time, I could really tell the difference.