Sunday, April 22, 2007

Outdoor Dining

This morning Chad and I made breakfast for our neighbor, Deb, and my parents. Chad made muesli (Deb's recipe) and scrambled eggs with goat cheese, and I made gluten-free scones. Deb is allergic to gluten so we attempted these gluten-free scones so she wouldn't be left out. They turned out pretty well, actually, but we decided to call them Gluten Free Breakfast Squares instead of scones. Deb brought fresh squeezed orange juice and a berry salad. My parents brought Asti Spumante so we could have mimosa beverages. We ate outside at Deb and Bud's lovely table. This is definitely one of the nicest things about warmer weather. Today got a little too warm for my taste (like 83 F or so) but it was lovely in the morning and in the evening. Chad and I went out there again at night to have dessert with Deb and Bud and their nephew. Good times. Oh yeah, and we got some very nice plants today at Primex. Can't wait to plant them!!


  1. How lovely! Can't wait to see/hear about the plants you purchased. PLANTS!

  2. That looked like fun--sorry we missed it!!