Monday, April 30, 2007

Dying Flowers

These flowers have definitely seen better days (such as the wedding day). This demonstrates something that frustrates me about Chad and myself. We sometimes let things go a bit too long before taking care of them. I could have thrown these away today when I was gathering garbage to put out for pickup tomorrow, but I just didn't think of it. They are actually starting to look kind of cool because they are drying out and are a little brown around the edges. Oh well. On the other hand, we planted grass seed yesterday and I actually got up early this morning to water it and Chad watered it when we got home. We're hoping it grows well because we are so excited to be rid of the pachysandra. I'll probably post a picture once the grass sprouts.


  1. We do the same things. We'll have old food in the firdge and forget to throw it away on trash day.

    Just dump the water out of the vase and let the flowers dry in there. Then you can keep them forever.