Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tie Troubles

Well here is a rather frightening photo I took of myself. I borrowed this lovely lilac colored tie from Chad. When I got to work and went to put it on, I realized it was the longest tie I had ever seen in my entire life. I tried to tie it a few times but couldn't get it right. Mike Borda walked in the office and said "That's the longest tie I've ever seen!" So he helped me (or rather, he did the whole thing for me) tie a double windsor so it would use enough fabric. After he was finished it looked perfect but I was a bit concerned for a while there.


  1. I laughed so had at this one...you poor thing. How did the tie get so long? I didn't know they came in lengths! You looked quite snappy in the photo.

  2. Was it really that funny? I guess it kind of was. I also have a photo of Mike actually working on the tie. It was pretty comical. I don't know why the tie was so long. Apparently they make long ties for really tall guys, but this must have been made for a pro-basketball player or something.

  3. Your description was very funny!