Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Finally Decorating

Everyone who works with us knows that Heather and I have the best office in the building because we set it up in an interesting way and decorated our bookshelves with lights and some of Heather's amazing pottery. However, we've been wanting to put things on the walls (since we moved in a YEAR ago) but never got around to it. We've had frames sitting on our back table for ages. Well, we finally got around to filling some of those frames and hanging them on the wall. Don't worry, this isn't the finished product yet, but we were really excited to at least get some pictures up. Of course, we may be moving soon because the office is expanding and there might be some juggling of office spaces to even things out, but .... whatever. At least it will look nice for a couple weeks!

(Note: This is my photo for Monday, October 1, 2007).


  1. I recognize some of those photos!!! Nice. I hope you get a bigger office with windows and better temps!

  2. I recognize those pictures too! You should put up some photos of witch hazel as well-- those are so cool. Will your witch hazel tree at home bloom this winter?

    When do they bloom at the Morris Arboretum...I will have to be sure to visit then.

  3. There IS a picture of witch hazel, and it's the only one someone has actually commented on in the office! It's in the middle on the right, the one with the flash reflection.

    I'm not sure if ours will bloom, I'm thinking it probably won't, or if it does it might just have a couple blossoms.

    The ones at the Arboretum should bloom towards the end of January into February. It'll depend on the weather, I guess.

    You should totally come up during that time to see them!

  4. Maybe I will come up for my birthday then (January 31st)