Sunday, October 14, 2007

Orange Peel Mouth

Chad convinced me to go out to have Chinese food for dinner on Friday night. We went to a place over near Target. It's called Hunan Village and the food was actually really good. It wasn't too heavy or greasy, so I didn't feel sick afterwards like I usually do with Chinese food. Chad was being silly and stuck an orange in his mouth. Why do they bring oranges with the fortune cookies after the meal?

(Note: This is my photo from Friday, October 12th)


  1. Hehe. Chinese isn't my favorite either; I think Thai is much lighter and better. I like Dim Sum there a place by your house? Supposedly there is ONE place in Nashville that serves Dim Sum, but we haven't gotten over there yet.

  2. We don't know of a dim sum place around our house. There is a Thai place we haven't tried yet. There are supposedly some good dim sum places in China town but we haven't tried them yet.

  3. That's cute. Because yesterday was our 6-month anniversary, I let Matt order out (because I didn't feel like cooking). With the limited selection around here, he tried the Thai White Elephant place in the Genuardis shopping center. It was yummy but not for my tummy.