Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Multi Grain Bread

This is one of our favorite breads. I think this is the 7-grain one from Pepperidge Farm. They also have 9-grain, 12-grain, and 15-grain, all of which are good. They are soft and tasty, and probably better for us than white bread. Tonight we had them with portobella and garlic burgers.


  1. Do you ever make bread? I think I am going to ask for a bread machine for Christmas. I've made a few breads before without a machine, and it's fun, but a lot of work. You also need to plan pretty far in advance to make it, but with a machine it's so easy!

  2. We have a bread machine but haven't used it in ages. I haven't made anything by hand before, it's too daunting for me. The bread machine is good for making dough, such as for calzones. Yumm!

  3. I love anything and everything multigrain. This just reminded me that I will be in Chicago from tomorrow until Friday so my husband might need a reminder to pick up the CSA stash this week ;)