Friday, March 9, 2007

The Disaster that Andrew Left

This is a photo of the floor on my side of the bed. I probably shouldn't be showing this since it shows how much of a disaster I am, but I'm too tired right now to find anything else to photograph. My mom used to hate that I did this when I was growing up. She would say that I would trip and fall when I got up in the middle of the night to pee. But I never actually did get up to pee because that's just how I was, so it didn't really matter. Anyway, it's a mess right now because I've been so busy with school and I have all these things that I need to get to from my bed and no where to put them. So they end up on the floor. I think I'll get a bookcase like Chad has and keep stuff on there (even though that doesn't really keep him from doing this same thing!, hehe). I'm going to get this all cleaned up by tomorrow, though. I planned on doing a lot of cleaning tonight, but I got to a certain point and just kind of fell asleep on the couch upstairs, so I think it's time for bed ... I had a long week. By the way, if you are wondering about the title of this post ... one time when I was younger, it must have been right after Hurricane Andrew hit the US coast, my mom cut a headline from the newspaper that read "The Disaster that Andrew Left" and put it on the door to my bedroom. It was pretty fitting!


  1. Your Mom is so cute. It's funny; I think of both you and Chad as being very neat and organized people. I guess it's all a sham.

    Thank you for the card, by the way!

  2. Andrew, You really made me laugh with this one...we laminated that headline. We even took it to Japan with us and put it on your bedroom door there. I wish we still had it! OOXX Mom