Thursday, March 8, 2007

Three Liters a Day

I had an appointment with the urologist yesterday to review some test results in relation to the kidney stone I had back in OCTOBER! Anyway, he told me that one of my main problems was that I didn't drink enough water and said that I should be drinking 3 liters of water a day. THREE LITERS!! That's one and a half 2-liter bottles (like the ones that soda comes in!). That's a LOT of water! So this is a picture of my new best friend. I estimate that this cup holds somewhere between 650 and 750 milliliters of water, which means that I need to drink between 4 and 5 cups like this every day. Look how huge it is compared to my hand! Anyway, today I drank 4 of them at work and then had a few smaller glasses at Chad's office. I think I got to the 3 liters, but it was hard. I mean, I was uncomfortable for most of the day. I guess it's worth it if I never get a kidney stone again ... but there's no guarantee. Oh the other problem is that my oxalate level was a little high. Things like chocolate, tea, spinach, nuts, and all types of berries are high in oxalate and I should avoid them. But I figure that drinking this much water will take care of the problem by itself so I should be fine ... right?? I can't avoid chocolate!!


  1. Oh my gosh--I could never drink that much water. Maybe if you just cut out all but one (chocolate) of those foods it will keep you healthy.

  2. Be careful; you don't want to get water poisoning! :-)