Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Last Day of Snow??

So we got snow for most of the day today. I like snow in the winter, but I'm kind of hoping this is the last snow of the season. It's almost the middle of March and I'm ready for some consistently warm temperatures. There are tons of things we would like to do in the yard this year, such as tearing up more pachysandra and some more bushes. But I'm not sure how much time I'll have because of my classes. Hopefully I'll have time to get outdoors during the few weeks that we actually have nice weather. It seems to go from being freezing cold to being way too hot within a matter of a few weeks around here. It's quite aggravating, actually. I prefer the cold weather, but that doesn't mean I love it. I do like that the seasons change, it's just that my favorite seasons, spring and fall, seem to always be way too short.

As a side note, Chad really liked the way the snow sparkled tonight. I'm not sure why it does that sometime - must have something to do with the way the ice crystals form. Not sure if you can see the sparkles in this photo ...

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