Thursday, March 29, 2007

Dylan's Couch Mug

So I wasn't going to post a photo of this because I was too embarrassed, but since Chad already spilled the beans on his blog, I figured it wouldn't hurt. This is a photo of the "Dylan's Couch" mug that Chad got me. He gave it to me yesterday because I had a rough term (more like rough end of the term) and I'd been having a somewhat rough week. I had wanted this mug because I started watching Dylan's video podcast and thought it was pretty funny. If you notice on the mug, it says "So that's the show, okay?" at the bottom. This is how Dylan finishes every episode and it's just kind of adorable.


  1. You're funny. How did you find this podcast?

  2. I honestly don't remember. I just saw it somewhere and then started watching them and even though they are totally ridiculous, they are kind of funny.