Friday, March 23, 2007

I Really Hate KYW!

Remember when I posted about how I hate KYW because they don't always announce bridge openings? Well it happened again today. I listened to the traffic report at 5:12 and then again at 5:22 and neither of them said anything about a bridge opening. I got to the toll at the bridge at about 5:26 or so and I saw the tell-tale signs of a bridge opening ... police car lights. The police SUVs drive out onto the bridge in front of everyone to make sure no one drives onto the bridge while it is opening. I thought "Oh Sh*t!" and sure enough, there was a bridge opening. How can they not announce these things? This is something they should look for specifically every single day, especially during rush hour. They should either say "Tacony Palmyra Bridge" is fine or "Tacony Palmyra Bridge is about to open" or whatever the case is, but they could at least mention it. I mean, EVERYONE knows that the Schuylkill Expressway is a nightmare and that 95 around the city is pretty bad, but the Tac bridge is a complete unknown! You would think this would be important to report! Arrrgghhh. At least today I got to take a photo of the drawbridge in the open position. Too bad I was a bit too far away so the picture is kind of grainy.

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