Friday, March 16, 2007

Snow? Again???

I guess I spoke too soon! If you didn't see it, I posted a photo of snow a week or so ago saying that I thought and hoped it was the last snow of the season. The forecast at that time was for increasing temperatures. Well, sure enough, the temperatures went up. They went up into the upper 70's in fact. And then overnight they dropped down to the 30's and we got SLEET all day long. I don't think there was actually any snow, but we got a good 4 or more inches of just sleet - little ice pellets. So maybe I WAS right and that WAS the last snow of the season, but this looks just about the same and has the same general effect. We shoveled the front walk thinking that it was better to get at least some done before the end of the night. Now you can't even tell we shoveled. This is lame! But at least I was working from home today because we had a plumbing issue to take care of ... So I didn't have to drive in this. I wonder if we'll be able to get out tomorrow to get our hair cuts!

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  1. I got to leave work early--I think that was a first for Temple! The trains were so crowded, they wouldn't let some people get on at Temple. I pretended I was in Tokyo and just pushed my way on. People weren't happy with me.