Saturday, January 6, 2007

The Apple Store

So before I got my wonderful new MacBook for Christmas, I used to wander into the Apple Store at King of Prussia mall and ogle at all their merchandise, especially my future laptop. Of course I never bought anything there because really all they sell are computers and ipods and then accessories for those things. Well, today was my first trip to the Apple Store after getting my laptop so now I could actually go for the accessories! I got myself a neoprene sleeve to keep my little baby safe! I can't wait to go to the Apple Store in New York City. Mainly I want to go because it looks really cool. I'll be sure to take a photo of it to post when I go!


  1. I want one so badly! Are you able to have it on he same wireless network as your other computers? What about print server? Is it really so much better than a PC?


  2. So far I like it better than any PC I've used, but I'm still getting used to all the changes. I think after I've had it longer, I'll like it even better.

    The computer works fine on the wireless network and I'm able to share files between the different computers. It's not working with the printer, but our printer isn't on a server it is connected through one of the other computers. I have to play with that some more.