Friday, January 12, 2007

Plant a month 1

So you are probably looking at this thinking, "What the heck is that?" Well, our very good friends, Adina and Steph, who recently moved all the way to Nashville, sent us a gift recently of monthly plants to beautify our home! Today we received the first set of bulbs and this little thing is one of the flowers already sprouting up through the moss on top. They also got us a cute pot for the plants. This was such a thoughtful gift because we'll get to enjoy it all year long and I'm sure there will be some very beautiful flowers that we'll get to see (and smell!). This is going to be so much fun!! I'll definitely post a picture when these bloom and maybe I'll post a before and after photo for each one we get! Thanks Adina and Steph!!


  1. Yay! I am glad you received them and that you like your gift. Don't forget that after the plants bloom, you can put them in your garden-- that way they will bloom every year!


  2. Also...I've started playing a game with the pictures from your blog and Chad's blogs...instead of immediately reading to see what the pictures are, I just look at the picture and think of the first thing that comes to mind. With this one it looked like a finger sticking up through the moss...and Chad's popcorn looks like mushrooms to me.