Saturday, January 13, 2007


Sorry for not posting a picture today (well, yesterday actually since it's already after midnight). I took what I thought was my photo for the day but then my mom made me promise not to post it. So then I didn't know what to do because it was already late in the day and nothing was inspiring me. I took another one but I wasn't happy about it, so I decided to bite the bullet and just wait until the next day to post it (because I was allowed to post it on Sunday, just not Saturday - I'll explain later). Anyway, I'm very upset because I was doing so well getting one post in each day. But really, my goal was to take one photo a day, and that is what I did, I just didn't post it yet. So ... I wanted to get something up here for those of you who are up late and still checking to see if I posted yet. Fear not, I will post a Saturday picture tomorrow as well as one for Sunday!

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