Sunday, January 14, 2007

Yesterday's Post

So if you are/were a fan of Ally McBeal, you may understand our excitement when we found out that my mom purchased the entire 5 seasons of Ally McBeal on DVD. Of course, she had to get it from Canada because they don't make them in the U.S. (go figure). She ordered them for Christmas but it took weeks and weeks for them to come, so we didn't get them until just this week. I had to wait to post this because my mom wanted to surprise Erin today. Anyway, we used to watch Ally McBeal all the time over the summers when we were back in the U.S. from Japan. We would just laugh hysterically at Lucy Liu because she was so funny on that show. So this is my picture from yesterday, wasn't it totally worth the wait? Haha.

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