Sunday, May 27, 2007

Devil Chad

Today we went to Chad's family's house for a Memorial day barbecue. Aunt Beth had the girls doing a project and they had out this gigantic pair of scissors! Doesn't Chad look simply devilish in this photo? I was going to remove the red-eye, but then decided it was too perfect to remove. Click the photo to see it better!


  1. those are some crazy scissors. what were they using them to do? chad still looks cute, even when he looks satanic.

  2. maybe the devil possessed chad because he hasn't updated his blogs in over a month and therefore god has forsaken him. just a thought.

  3. That is definitely a possible explanation!!! I think maybe Chad has a certain kind of ADD. He pays attention to something really intently for a while, and then completely drops it.

    The scissors apparently were for cutting 12 inch paper in one slice. Problem is that the cutting area was only 10 inches long. Very strange.