Friday, May 4, 2007

Wawa again - but not really

So I guess I'm a little bit retarded sometimes, but that's okay. I stopped to get gas this morning at the Wawa in Pennsauken. I almost always get my gas here. They are pretty efficient, it appears pretty clean, the people are generally friendly, and they almost always have the lowest prices. Anyway, when I stopped this morning, I thought to myself "Wow, it's amazing how much lighter it is at this time than it was a few months ago. I should post a picture to show people the contrast from the photo I posted back in January." Well, it turns out, I never posted a photo back in January. I think I meant to but it got replaced with this one of Heather being stupid.

Anyway, this is the photo I meant to post back then. You can see the difference in the lighting. Both photos were taken at the same time except 4 months apart. I think the one from January is a lot more interesting!

Early Morning Wawa

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  1. That's why I like Spring and Summer best...longer, brighter, warmer days.