Thursday, May 17, 2007

First CSA Pickup

Today was the first pickup for the Community Supported Agriculture program we joined. We were really excited about it. Last night the list came out saying what we would get. Erin and Matt had decided to split it with us so they were coming over to pick up their half. Well, we were a little bit disappointed because when we got to the pickup location, there was no more lettuce left. There was supposed to be two heads of romaine lettuce for everyone but I guess some other people had taken more than their share. Hopefully this won't be a recurrent theme. Here's a photo of what we kept after Erin and Matt got their portion. We got the asparagus and they took the radishes. What you see here is bok choy, asparagus, and a bag of baby lettuce mixed with mesclun (I think). I wonder what we'll get next week.


  1. Well, you know me! I'd complain. It isn't fair that you didn't get what you should have!

  2. Are you going to email them about it? We had salad for dinner last night with the greens and radishes. Very yummy and fresh.

  3. Amy said she will send us extra romaine next week! Yay!