Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Stupid PECO

I had a number of possibilities for my photo of the day today, but the others had to do with food and plants, two things I post about a lot. So I went with this one. It all started last night ..
When we got home from work we noticed there was spray paint all over the street and even on our sidewalk. There was also some on our neighbor's very nice slate tiles along the side walk. We then received a phone call that night from PECO (our power company) telling us to call a 1-800 number and enter some really long code. We called and it was a bill payment center and there was no option to enter a code. So we gave up. Then this morning I noticed there were tons of foot prints all over the new grass seed we just put down last weekend which is totally lame. I have no idea why they had to come up on our property and wander around, but apparently they did. I'm pretty pissed about it. Then our neighbor Deb walked up to our front porch and I said "Deb, they walked all over our new grass!" and she said "Yeah, I just called them and left a really nasty message because of the spray paint on the sidewalk." You see, in our neighborhood, the residents are resonsible for maintenance of all walkways. The township only takes care of the actual road. So she was pissed that people along the street had paid a lot of money to have the sidewalks redone and now there was paint all over it, and who knows when it would wash off. Oh yeah, there was also a huge sign in the street in front of our house saying that work was being done. Deb put this little note on the sign asking that they remove the paint. It was pretty funny, but it's also pretty darn disrespectful if you ask me. There was no warning given about this work being done and it's right in front of our house so I couldn't park my car there! Rude!


  1. That really sucks. I remember last summer at the apartmnet PECO decided to shut off power to our whole block for a day and a night. Then it happened again the next night. I actually went over to some of the work men and scolded them for not giving us any advanced noticed and for not working fast enough.

  2. Oh man, that's definitely worse! I have no idea what they are even doing out there, but at least we still have power (for now ...).