Thursday, May 3, 2007

The Infamous Red Spraypaint

So I figured that everyone would be interested to see what the damage was from the PECO people (actually, on second thought, it may have been the "PA One Call" people who are responsible for the lines and not PECO exactly ...). Here is a photo of the red paint that went onto Deb and Bud's slate tiles ($18 per tile). There is red like this at either end and it doesn't wipe off. It's kind of funny because Deb had called Bud at work to tell him how horrible it was and how upset she was. But when he got home from work he said "Where is it?" He really didn't notice it because he was looking for something that was all over the sidewalk due to the way she had described it.

Sorry that this is a continuation of yesterday, but nothing all that interesting happened today, so I had to go with an old topic.

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