Friday, February 9, 2007

Alien CPR

So today I had the supreme pleasure of attending a CPR and First Aid training course at work. I had a lot of work to do today, so it was kind of a pain to have to take the training, but it's pretty important to have the knowledge. Anyway, they have these very bizarre-o mannequins for practicing. They have improved them over the years so now the lungs actually inflate when you do the breaths and you can see the chest rise, although it is a bit more obvious than I think it would be on a real person. Anyway, I'm kind of upset with myself because they also had little infant mannequins to practice on and they were even stranger- looking. They were all silver with a blue vest-like thing on. They really looked like aliens. One of the strange things is that the back of their heads were flat so they rested perfectly on the table (not realistic) but they had little butt cheeks (more realistic). Isn't that strange? I wanted to get a picture of these but they put them away while I was out of the room so I didn't get the chance. It would have been cool to do a picture with a whole bunch of them like a little alien army! Maybe next time...


  1. This photo frightens me. He's so creepy looking.

  2. This actually looks like a Japanese action figure...