Thursday, February 22, 2007

Chad's Birthday Presents

I just finished wrapping these presents for Chad's birthday tomorrow. I hate wrapping presents but I love the way they look when they are done. I think the main reason I hate wrapping them is that I hate #1 wasting paper (you know there are always little scraps that get thrown away) and #2 using the paper. Yes, I hate using the paper. Why? Well, because once I use it, I can't use it again. And I pretty much only buy paper that I really like, so I don't want it to be gone. And you know you can never find the same paper again because most companies that make really nice paper are always changing what they offer. Why is that? It's so aggravating! Especially Ikea. One year they will have great paper and the next year it will be just okay. Just FYI, the black paper as well as the plain brown paper are from Ikea and the green paper is from Target (it is reversible so both types you see are from the same roll - pretty neat!). I'm really excited to give Chad his presents tomorrow. I hope he likes them! I think I like giving presents even more than I like getting them, I just wish I didn't have to pay for them! Haha.

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  1. You guys always find the best wrapping paper. Whenever we go to IKEA, they only have crapping paper.