Friday, February 16, 2007

First Flowers are Done

So I think that the first flowers we got from Adina and Steph have reached the end of their days. What do you think? They were beautiful while they lasted and you know what's great? We can plant the bulbs and hopefully they will come up again next year! It's like that plant that keeps on giving. That's why I like perennials in the garden rather than annuals. I can't wait to see our bleeding heart come back this spring (I hope it does!).


  1. It looks like a praying mantis wearing a skirt! Hehe.

    Did you get February's yet?

  2. We DID get February's, but I'm waiting to post until it blooms! Do you already know what it is? I'm really excited about it. It already started to smell good!!

  3. Yes, I know what it is. Do you want me to tell you?!?!?