Wednesday, February 21, 2007

February Flower - Jasmine

This is a photo of our second plant of the month from Adina and Steph. It is jasmine and I was so excited when it arrived because I love the smell! It looks neat too because it is wrapped around a circular structure and is empty in the middle. Right now most of the flowers haven't opened yet and they are just little white tips on the ends of the vines. It's already a great plant!


  1. Doesn't it smell good? I bought one for myself because I love jasmine so much. When it finishes flowering, you could put it in a bigger pot and let it grow around your deck (it's obviously a vine) or plant it in the ground and have it wind around your columns out front. :-)

  2. So you think it will do okay in our climate? I was thinking that might be a good idea, but wasn't sure if it would be okay outside.