Thursday, February 8, 2007

Well-Organized Tea

This is a photo of a number of bags of tea from Teavana. These bags are on a filing cabinet in Chad's office. I can only imagine that Chad is responsible for making the tea so perfectly well organized. They look appetizing though don't they? Being organized is nice sometimes ...


  1. I want to try some of Chad's tea!!

    Tea and scones. I am learning how to make clotted cream. Yum, we can make lemon curd and have a realy tea party.

  2. I shouldn't write so late at night. I always make mistakes...I meant "real" tea party. I swear it's the computer's fault.

  3. You're funny. Actually, they aren't Chad's teas. They are from his boss but I'm pretty sure Chad is the one who keeps them organized!

  4. Hi Adina,

    Clotted cream should be easy but it isn't. You have to use heavy cream but NOT "ultra" pasteurized. ...I am trying it anyway with the ulta stuff but it is taking a very long days. I haven't been able to find just pasteurized...
    Here is the recipe from Alton Brown

    2 cups pasteurized (not ultra-pasteurized) cream

    Set a coffee filter basket, lined with a filter, in a strainer, over a bowl. Pour the cream almost to the top of the filter. Refrigerate for 2 hours. The whey will sink to the bottom passing through the filter leaving a ring of clotted cream. Scrape this down with a rubber spatula and repeat every couple of hours until the mass reaches the consistency of soft cream cheese.

  5. Mom--maybe you can find the milk you need at Reading Terminal or the Italian Market?