Tuesday, February 13, 2007


The weather forecasters have been talking for a while about a big winter storm that was headed our way (but that MIGHT pass us by and head out to sea instead). Well today was the day that it was to strike and they were estimating 1 to 3 inches. Yes, I said inches. Not feet, but inches. That is NOT a big winter storm, folks!! Well, anyway, it was snowing a bit this morning when I got to work and I noticed that Mike Borda had his windshield wipers turned out as shown in this photo. Now, I have only ever seen two other people do this in my life and those were my neighbors, Deb and Bud. I don't think we ever did this in my family when I was growing up, but I suppose I easily could have overlooked this. The strange thing is that Deb and Bud have a lot in common with Mike B because they are all kind of trendy and have a lot of style. So is there some special handbook that these stylish people have that tells them to put their windshield wipers out away from the car when it is going to snow? If so, I need to find myself a copy of the book so that I'll know all the cool things too!

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