Monday, February 12, 2007

Quest Diagnostics

So I've been dealing with this lab called Quest Diagnostics (I have a feeling like Steph used to work at one of these ...) because of all this stuff my urologist wants to do with respect to the kidney stone I had back in October. He's trying to find out what may have caused it. Well, anyway, it's been something of a nightmare because I went in and they told me they didn't have enough information so I had to call the doctor and the person there was rude to me, and then I had to go back to Quest and then they told me they didn't have enough of my urine to do all the tests, so then I tried to go back and they were closed, and then my mom went to get the containers for me and they gave her a hard time, and then I went back after filling the containers and they told me they couldn't take the samples because I didn't have my paperwork, but I didn't have any paperwork because I had already given it to them but they wouldn't take them and then FINALLY I went back there tonight and the nice lady was there and she had all my paperwork. But guess what? Apparently they didn't take enough blood the first time so while I thought I was just dropping off some containers of pee, I actually had to get blood drawn too (which I HATE). What a nightmare it has been. I just hope they don't call me back there again. If they do, I'm not going. I just don't care anymore.


  1. Aww, poor Drewbie. Stepi worked for Quest Pharmaceutical Services. It was a pharm research company. That was her first job out of college.

  2. That's some hairy arm you have there! Remember when you were 3 and had your first blood test? Dad had to lie on top of you. You came home with "Smiley" Band-Aids and wouldn't bend your arms for a week!

  3. Haha--I have to get some blood work done now, too, and my doctor recommended Quest!! I said no way hose. They were not nice to my brother.