Sunday, February 4, 2007


Chad loves waffles. He always talks about them. So one day before Christmas, I was at Walgreens and saw this inexpensive waffle maker, so I got it and gave it to Chad for Christmas. He used it for the first time to make waffles for us this morning. They were pretty good, although maybe we need to try out some other recipes. If you have a really tasty waffle recipe, please feel free to send it along to us!

This is a picture of the first one he made. The directions said to put 1/3 of a cup of batter in the middle of the plates. So Chad put one third cup in the center between the two waffle areas. Well, the directions must have meant to put 1/3 of a cup in EACH of the two waffle plates because the first one only spread out halfway into each side. But it looked pretty darn cute anyway!


  1. It looks like a cute Japanese waffle!

  2. There is a real Belgian waffle maker in the condo in Friday Harbor! Bring a good recipe.

  3. We got a Hello Kitty waffle maker for Xmas. It's so cute. It's kind of sad to eat waffles that look like Hello Kitty though.