Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The CAD Lab

I had a midterm tonight in my Risk Assessment class. Our teacher told us that when we finished we should go to "the CAD Lab". He told us that it was across the walkway and down on the first floor. I went looking for it but couldn't find it and I asked some other students but none of them knew about a CAD lab except in a different building. I went looking for one in that place but it looked like there was a class in it. I was so confused and just was wandering. Finally I went back to the classroom and waited for other students to finish the exam (I was the second to finish so I had a while to wait). Each person that came out didn't know where the CAD lab was so we just ended up forming a big group. I had to wait about 50 minutes until everyone was finished and then the professor walked us over. It turns out there are TWO walkways and I chose the wrong one and ended up in the wrong building. What a waste of time! I ended up not leaving until 9 instead of the usual 8:30 so I got home a bit later. Now I'm exhausted!

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