Monday, February 26, 2007

Monthly Birthday Muffins

Because there are so many people in our office, we can't possibly celebrate everyone's birthdays. Well, we could but it would be like twice a week we would have to celebrate. So now we celebrate all the birthdays in a given month on the last Monday of the month. To celebrate we have muffins on that Monday morning instead of bagels. I like muffins, but only if they are nice and moist. This is the coffee cake muffin I had this morning which wasn't very moist. I'm not complaining because I think it's really nice that we are recognizing birthdays, but I actually kind of miss the bagels when we have the muffins. Chad's office goes all out for each birthday, but they have fewer people. Heather said today that maybe next time we'll try having donuts instead of muffins. That would be pretty tasty!


  1. Yes, I think donuts would be so much better and fun. You must have a DD near your office somewhere.

  2. Or, even better, Krispy Kreme! Anything would be better than that sad muffin in the photo.

  3. Krispy Kreme is being taken over by DD around here...maybe the coffee is better. I have never been to a KK so I wouldn't know. I just love donuts! I think someone should bring them to work everyday.