Monday, February 19, 2007

Asfoetida Powder

Chad got a vegetarian Indian cookbook from my mom last year and has yet to make anything from it. He keeps mentioning a lot of recipes that take something called Asfetida. We looked up information on Indian grocery stores and apparently there is one on my way home from work. So I stopped today to see if I could find the store. Sure enough it was right where we thought it was. I went in and asked if they had Asfetida but the guy had no idea what I was talking about. He showed me to the spice aisle (I thought it was a spice). I couldn't find it there so then I tried the next aisle, and sure enough there it was. I was so excited. I bought it and brought it home for Chad so that now he has no excuse for not making me some tasty Indian food! The store was pretty cool. They had a lot of great spices and dal and such. I didn't get a chance to look that much but hopefully Chad and I will go back there soon. It is less than 15 minutes from our house. How convenient! Now if only we could find some good Indian restaurants around here for lunch/dinner buffet! We miss Delaware Indian food!


  1. I crave Indian food a lot, especially Samrat. Can you please take me with you to this store the next time you go? TIA.

  2. There is a great Indian market in Nashville. Surprising, but true. Do you know what this powder is supposed to do in dishes? Is it a thickener or a flavoring or what?

  3. I think it might be both. It has some kind of tree "gum" in it as well as wheat flower. Probably mostly a thickener.