Saturday, February 10, 2007

Very Active Dough

I'm starting to realize why I get along with Adina so well - we both really love pizza!! (See her post for today by clicking here.) Tonight we went to my office-mate, Heather's apartment for a pizza/games party. We made individual pizzas and played a few pretty fun games. It was a good group so we had a lot of fun. We only used about half the dough she bought, so later in the evening we went into the kitchen to discover that the yeast had gone to work and the dough had about tripled in size. You can see it pictured here. I love dough and I love pizza. It looks so appetizing, don't you think? The little hole is where I poked it. There was a slightly firm crust on the outside and a nice soft doughy center.


  1. Haha, long live pizza! When you guys come visit (and you better come visit us!) we will have to get or make some pizza.

  2. This picture has stirred up a lot of is one of my all time favorites. I'd love to make it at home but can't get the dough right...where did Heather get her dough?

  3. I'm not sure where she got it ... She probably got it at Wegmans, that's where she usually shops. It also helps that she got a pizza stone to put in the oven! That made the crust get crispy on the outside but still soft and doughy on the inside.